The following rates are for full day excursions or until limits are caught.

Walleyes & Smallmouth Bass

1-4 People      $400

Salmon & Lake Trout

1-4 People      $400

5 People         $450

6 People         $500

EVERYONE NEEDS A FISHING LICENSE if over 16 years of age!

Under 15 years of age DO NOT NEED FISHING LICENSE


How Do I Make My Reservations?

To reserve your trip you can either use your credit card or send a deposit check for a couple hundred dollars.

All deposits are refundable due to bad weather, and you can cancel your trip up to 14 business days before and still get a refund on your deposit. You can call us at 906-235-3468 to make your reservation or email your evening phone number and we will call you and set it up for you.

If you’re ready for an exciting experience near the Cedar River, Escanaba area, contact Captain Lloyd at 906-235-3468 to check availability and book a time slot. Join us for Lake Michigan fishing charters today!


Cedar River Charter Walleyes - Great Rates