Got our Limit

On the weekend of 8/27/2005, my wife and I chartered an afternoon fishing trip hoping to catch some walleye with Capt. Lloyd from Cedar River Charters. We checked into our room on Sat. at 1:00 p.m. We met (the owner of the resort) who reported that a couple of boats that went out in the morning both limited out. We started to wonder if we made a mistake in booking an afternoon trip? We headed out at approximately 3:00 pm and had our lines in the water in 30 minutes. Within 5 minutes we landed a huge 27” walleye. From that moment on the action continued until we had our limit of 10 big walleye in only “4 hrs” of fishing. Take it from someone who has fished several charters on “Lake Erie” and thought I would never experience the same results that kept me going back year after year! I’ve booked again and look forward to next year’s trip with Capt. Lloyd and doing it all over again!

Carey & Rudy