Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Michigan has one of the best selections of smallmouth bass and largemouth bass throughout the state, yet you would find more smallmouth as you move north. You will typically find the largemouth in shallow waters filled with weeds, whereas the smallmouth will be found closer to rockier beds and rivers. However, it is possible to find both varieties in the same centralized areas and waters.

Starting in 2015, anglers were able to catch and release both largemouth and smallmouth bass all year long. However, the keep and catch season for both of the species will run later in the year. In the Great Lakes area, the season begins the Saturday before Memorial Day and runs through December 31.

Both of the species will move into shallower waters in the spring and are much easier to find and enticed into biting before they move to the beds. After the spawning period, they will typically move out to deeper waters, however, it is almost always possible to find a few of the largemouth near boat docks, fallen logs, and weed beds.

Bass has become the number one game fish in the United States due to their spirited fight. It is possible to catch one with a wide variety of lures, which tends to make them a favorite tournament fish. They are possible to pick up with just about any type of bait as well. Fishermen will usually choose any form of lure within their reach, from bottom bumpers to topwater plugs. In addition, you will find some who favor spoons, swim baits, and spinner baits. In addition, bass can be caught with any number of flies such as mice, frogs, and poppers which will take them on the top.

If you are seeking out the best population of smallmouth, the Great Lakes, and connecting waterways are excellent sources. Yet the bays are also a particularly great spot to set your line down for a number of smallmouths. While the drowned river mouths along the Lake Michigan coast have an incredible selection of largemouth as well as smallmouth. If you are seeking out largemouth, take to the weedy backwater areas of the Great Lakes.


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