No Weeds and Tight Lines

We will meet again Lloyd. Thanks a bunch. I treated my neighbor as he had done me a few favors and he had a very good time on his first big water adventure!! I ate my first non-commercial catfish last night and it was great. The wife appreciated the follow-up phone call also. We iced the fish and they were fine the next a.m., as you can see.
I’ll keep in touch as I really want to hit that 30″er or bigger before
the big tournament in the sky. No weeds and tight lines—–

– Al

Got our Limit!!!

On the weekend of 8/27/2005, my wife and I chartered an afternoon fishing trip hoping to catch some walleye with Capt. Lloyd from Cedar River Charters. We checked into our room on Sat. at 1:00 p.m. We met (the owner of the resort) who reported that a couple of boats that went out in the morning both limited out. We started to wonder if we made a mistake in booking an afternoon trip? We headed out at approximately 3:00 pm and had our lines in the water in 30 minutes. Within 5 minutes we landed a huge 27” walleye. From that moment on the action continued until we had our limit of 10 big walleye in only “4 hrs” of fishing. Take it from someone who has fished several charters on “Lake Erie” and thought I would never experience the same results that kept me going back year after year! I’ve booked again and look forward to next year’s trip with Capt. Lloyd and doing it all over again!

Carey & Rudy

Educational and Pleasurable!!!

Fishing with Capt. Lloyd was an educational and pleasurable fishing trip! We learned new water, and techniques. He is versatile, precise, and quick in trying new tactics and locations within our trip that produced some big beautiful walleyes! His positive attitude, knowledge of the bays, and Cedar River, is first class. His fishing equipment is top of the line and well maintained! I recommend him to anyone!

Gary O.

Saved the Trip!

Capt. Lloyd saved my fishing trip to the U.P. He took my charter on one day’s notice after an unfortunate cancellation, as I had already made all my travel arrangements in advance. I was very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge of the area and even more impressed with his willingness to share tactics and locations with me. He gladly answered all my questions and allowed me to be hands-on during the charter. We boated three fish over 5 lbs. that night with one tipping the scales at 11 lbs. 1 oz. I would not hesitate to book with Capt. Lloyd in the future. Thanks for the fish of a lifetime.

Chris W.

Thank you for the Great Fishing

If you are wanting to charter some great fishing? then look to charter with Capt. Lloyd from www.cedarrivercharters.net and you will be amazed at what this guy can do to put you on the fish of a lifetime. He is very knowledgeable of where the fish and my fishing trips with him have been top notch and very memorable. Catching big fish is tuff enough, but he always manages to find more than one or two on our Great Lakes adventures. I recommend you hire him for your memorable fishing adventure.

What’s nice about the charters is there exciting and enjoyable and you have a sense of comfort catching fish on board his boat. The trips are always rewarding, and you always feel safe on the water with him. I cannot say enough about Capt. Lloyd and his fishing experience and intelligence.

From DJ @ Wilson Realty and My Clients