Fishing Tactics

Fishing Tactics

Salmon and walleye relate to shallow or deep structures and will feed in these areas heavily at certain times of the morning, day, or night.

“Location” is the most significant factor in catching big fish or numbers of fish! The water currents and “wind” will affect the bait fish, so each year at “specific times of the year” the fish will find the spot on the spot.

Sometimes it will be a big spot! The fish will be suspended in the water column near the structure or at the base of the structure, or simply right on the structure. Sometimes the fish

will be right over the mud in the middle of nowhere at a 1-3 foot depth changes or current breaks relating to the clouds of bait. Tactics used are trolling spinners, cranks, and spoons with either mono-filament line or the new super lines! We use bottom bouncers, split shots, snap weights, or all three. Sometimes we use live baits rigs with big red tails, shiners with jigs or crawlers ranging from 1/16 to 2 oz.

Captain Polfus will troll lead core line with either 1-3 colors with 25-50 foot leaders, with spinners or cranks deep or shallow. We use dipsey divers for both the salmon and walleye to reach the depths required. He will fish them with spinners, spoons, or cranks, dodgers and flys, spin doctors and flys. We also are using Big Jon electric downriggers with the aforementioned equipment.

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